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Main Babysitter is a bilingual babysitter agency which provides child care throughout Frankfurt and its surroundings. Our goal is to find the perfect babysitter for you and your children. We work with carefully selected babysitters whom we choose guided by our experience in child care and in a thorough and personally conducted interview. And since so many of Frankfurt’s little ones come from an international background, we put a special focus on bilingual language skills to ensure that every child gets the individually matched care it deserves. No matter if you are looking for a babysitter on a regular basis or for single events – for one child, siblings, a wedding or a birthday party – we look forward to assisting you in finding a qualified and loving babysitter. We will go the extra mile to find the perfect match for your family.

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Our Services

We want your daily routine to go over as relaxed and smoothly as possible. Our services are especially tailored to provide you with an individual childcare solution that supports you and your family best in your everyday life. Below we have listed various childcare solutions which we already successfully provide families throughout Frankfurt with:

Childcare On a Regular Basis

We are often asked if we agency babysitters who stay with the same family on a regular basis. The answer is yes! In fact, finding babysitters whom you and your children will adore and that will stay at your side longterm is what we do best. Stability is important and it is a comforting feeling to know the people that take care of your litte ones.

No matter the occasion – We will gladly provide you with a babysitter whom you can book on a frequent and regular basis for recurring events as for example daily pick-up from Kindergarten, your weekly Monday yoga class or Wednesday evenings out with the ladies. Integrate your babysitter into your everyday routine and make the most of your childcare solution.

Night Nanny

Need a good nights sleep without disruptions? A Night Nanny – or in our case Night Babysitter – could be the solution; Your Night Babysitter with special training in infant care and a successfully completed workshop by sleep coach „Good Night Mom“ will stay with your family over night and take care of your little one(s) while you get some well deserved rest.

Emergency Childcare

There is a saying we all know a little to well: We make plans and life laughs. Your child might get ill, there might be a lice outbreak in the Kita and parents are asked to keep their children at home or you may have to take on an additional meeting at work. Last minute changes occur all the time and can be challenging – especially when you have a family to coordinate. And this is where Main Babysitter steps in: Our broad network of babysitters throughout Frankfurt makes it possible for us to supply you with emergency childcare on the shortest notice. Give us a quick call, email us or shoot us a Whatsapp message – We are there to help you in any situation and will do our best to provide you with a qualified babysitter in a heartbeat.

Date Night – Single Bookings

Every person – and especially every parent – deserves some personal time now and then. Time to spend with your spouse, with your friends, or a little extra time just for yourself. Take an evening off and enjoy yourself while a loving, experienced babysitter takes care of your children.

Christmas & New Years Eve

Maybe you would like to make plans for New Years Eve this year and want to know your children are in good hands at home – Or you are thinking of throwing a Christmas party and could do with a helping hand or two in overseeing and entertaining your little guests. Our babysitters will take loving care of your little ones and make sure that the children’s evening is at least as special as the adults soirée.

Children’s Birthdays & Event Care

Children’s birthday parties can be stressful for parents – but they don’t have to be. We want you to be able to enjoy your child’s big day one-hundred percent and place babysitters especially for children birthdays.
Our babysitters help where help is needed most: Overseeing and entertaining the the little guests, setting up and cleaning up, helping with bathroom runs, birthday games and eating cake. No matter the task – our babysitters are up to it. Big party planned? No problem: Our babysitters come in twos, threes and fours! Let us take care of everything while you enjoy your child’s birthday as a family. PS: We also do party planning for kids birthdays if requested!

Childcare on your Vacation

We are especially proud of our ability to match the individual needs of our families. And since many parents wish they could resort to their childcare-solution not only at home but also on vacation, we are happy to arrange for your babysitter to accompany you on your family’s next trip.

Bilingual Childcare

We accommodate demands of families from all over the world. Some are new to Frankfurt, others are only passing threw and many parents want their children to have the advantage of speaking two languages or more. There are plenty reasons for deciding on bilingual childcare. We work with almost exclusively bilingual babysitters who speak German and at least one other language fluently. By being native speakers in not only one but two languages our babysitters are perfectly qualified to playfully pass on their knowledge to your children. We already offer childcare in English, Russian, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Turkish, Arabien, Tigrinya and Punjabi and would be happy to add your language to our list.

We Are Here For You!

Whichever child care solution you have in mind, we are positive that we can make it possible. Use our contact sheet at the bottom of the page, give us a call or send us a Whatsapp message with your query. We are looking forward to helping you find the ideal babysitter for you and your family.

Your Benefits

Qualified Babysitters: Carefully selected and experienced babysitters, chosen in thorough and personally conducted interviews

Security: Certificate of good conduct and optional participation in a four hour first aid class on babies, toddlers and children especially designed to suit the specific tasks of a babysitter by LiKila, Infant care class by LiKila and additionally a babysitter-specific workshop on safety during childcare by MyKidsSafe

Introductory Meeting: Get to know your future babysitter in one initial meeting free of charge

Regular Childcare Solutions: Babysitters for regular appointments

Last-Minute-Bookings: Immediate- and same day emergency babysitting

Cashless Transaction and Secure Payment: Monthly invoice through Main Babysitter

Tax Benefits: Up to 30% deductible

Travel Time: Up to 45 Minutes Travel Time are inclusive

Free Entry: All our babysitters have the option to receive an annual card for the Zoo and the Senckenberg Museum to explore Frankfurt with your children

Privacy: Your data is well protected and treated confidentially

Customer Support: Every day availability via e-mail, WhatsApp and telephone

Our Prices

Emergency Childcare 35 €/h
Holiday Childcare 35 €/h
Night Nanny 25 €/h
Regular Childcare19 €/h
Surcharge per further Child 4 €/h

Please note that we charge an annual agency fee of 120,00 € should the initial meeting with your babysitter be successful. The agency fee occurs once a year als long as you decide to use our service actively.

Contact Us

We are very much looking forward to your query. Since we want to assist you in your search as best possible we appreciate any information you can share on the specific childcare you are searching for. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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You can also call us and receive a personal consultation on our services and your specific babysitter query without further ado. We look forward to answering all your questions in detail: